View Full Version : FS: C6 Corvette Racing Rear Window Decal

08-22-2011, 11:40am
I recently made some custom designed C5 Corvette Racing stickers for my own Corvette.
I have had quite a few compliments and even a friend that wanted one designed for his C6.
I created this for his car and just like my C5 version have some extras from his job.
This sticker measures 11" x 4". It is black, blue, white, gold, and dark smoke grey.
Perfect for LeMans C6's as well as Jetstream Blue. Is not overly flashy.

These are brand new stickers.
PRICE LOWERED!!! Selling each for $8 shipped anywhere in the US. No paypal fees either.
I only have 15 of these available. First come first served.

First ones to PM me and send paypal or a check gets one. When they are gone, they are gone.
No reprints, no extras, no other colors...sorry. They are not mass produced and are not commercially made.
These are my own extra custom 1 off's.

My paypal: [email protected]


PS: Iam a somewhat newby here but Iam sure many of you know me (sn: xtremevette) on some of the other corvetteforum's.


01-17-2013, 1:41pm
I bought one of these from you some time ago and the color and quality are excellent!