View Full Version : Who runs a wideband?

12-13-2009, 08:49pm
Just curious how many people have a wideband permanently installed in their car.
Do you use it just for tuning or do you also have goodies that require it to be there?

On a side note: do you just need one or do you have to put one in each side? I don't really know much about them but seems like you would need 2 to check each bank. Enlighten me if ya don't mind.


12-13-2009, 09:56pm
I have mine as one of the gauges in my cluster on the A pillar, along with boost and fuel pressure. I need just to watch for lean conditions under boot.

12-14-2009, 06:32am
I run a PLX which also sims NB. I have an AFR and a fuel pressure gauge to keep an eye on the two big engine killers.

12-14-2009, 06:40am
I also run one for tuning purposes. I have a SD tune. If I'm not mistaken the tuner plugs in the necessary senors (i.e O2's) into each bank that he has for his tuning software. The gauge is on my A-Pillar which as stated above shows me lean/rich conditions.

12-14-2009, 12:38pm
I installed two, one came with my gauge and the other with EFILive. I got them for tune, data logging and just to keep an eye on things using the wideband gauge.

Most people donít need a wideband. I am starting to get into the HP range I want to keep an eye on things so I donít blow the engine.

12-14-2009, 04:07pm
I'm running 2 of them as well.

Autometer Cobalt wideband gauge in the A-pillar.
PLX SM-AFR connected to EFILive cable for tuning.