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Pinnacle Corvette
03-11-2011, 12:42pm
Pinnacle Corvette is new to The Vette Barn and wanted to show our appreciation for having us as a new vendor.

We are offering High Performance Silicone Hose Kits in Black, Blue, Red & Yellow for $279.99 Shipped!!!


**Will Fit: 2005-2007 C6 Corvette Equipped with LS2 Engine**

Available in Blue, Red, Yellow & Black

These Silicone Hoses are hand crafted using the highest quality VMQ silicone. Every hose is subject to strict quality controls .

Advantages of Silicone Hoses:

* These Silicone hoses can withstand far higher & lower temperatures than the standard EPDM rubber hoses commonly found in OEM engines.
* Silicone hoses are the preferred choice for motorsports teams and enthusiasts alike because of their increased durability and performance and their amazing high gloss finish that is available in a variety of colors.
* Silicone is ideal for water, forced air applications, induction joints, dump valves, air lines and many other uses and industrial applications. In addition, it is suitable for all coolant hoses, washer tubes, air hoses, vacuum hoses, water hoses and more.

**Please choose color option when ordering**
**Also available, Hose Clamp Kits for replacing stock hose clamps**

CLICK THE LINK TO ORDER: C6 Corvette Silicone Hose Kit 05-08 LS2 Blue, Red, Yellow, Black at Pinnacle Corvette (http://www.pinnaclecorvette.com/C6_Corvette_Silicone_Hose_Kit_05_08_LS2_p/c6shk.htm)

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a pm or an email.

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